Life Coach Lisa Woodford from Omaha helps individuals, parents and families achieve goals.

Like many kids today, 
I struggled in school and thought 
'Why even try?!'   
Believe me, the day I discovered that I
simply learned differently and could succeed 
changed my life! 
I didn't want others to struggle like I did,
so I became a teacher who specialized in     
How Our Brains Learn, Process
and Connect with Others.

I still teach today, as a Coach.       
I help you move from being overwhelmed 
and frustrated to a place of peace and
connectedness because you know yourself 
and can learn how to finally be happy!
You deserve to live your Best Life, starting now!

"Grace is a power that comes in
and transforms a moment into something better and
takes you with it." 
                                     ~Carolyn Myss~

Lisa takes practical steps and applies effective solutions to make positive changes for your future.