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Discovering You

Knowing your TRUE self is the foundation for building a confident YOU

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Managing your thoughts, feelings and energy to create the ability to thrive

Focusing Attention

HOW to shift your awareness and live more authentically


Understanding and communicating with others in a healthy way

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Stop the Tailspin of Self Sabotage

Insecurity, worry, shame, guilt, anxiety >>>


Manage Your Thoughts and Energy

To Process Emotions in a Healthy Way >>>


Create Solid Self - Confidence

To Create Clarity and Live More Authentically >>>


Communicate More Effectively

with Others to Create Connection, Harmony and Peace >>>

About Me

I know life can be challenging AND that it can be managed…
I’ve been there, and I can help you get through it!

Lisa Woodford
What Am I Like As A Parent

My name is Lisa Woodford, I am passionate about helping people create clarity and awareness so they can live their best lives! I am all about helping YOU to demystify and manage your brain to help you understand yourself and empower you to grow in the best ways possible! As an avid educator, wife, mother, and Certified Life & Confidence Coach, I specialize in helping Parents, Tweens, Teens and Young Adults to truly understand themselves and learn what it is they need as individuals to gain self-confidence and self-esteem to live authentically. I teach strategies that replace the fear, worry and self-sabotage to find clarity, direction, and peace.

Being a Good Mom is the one role we do NOT want to fail. As a mother of 3 young adults, I know how hard it can be to raise rebellious teenagers, keep your emotions under control, constantly multi-task, care for everyone and still make time for yourself! I help my clients calm all that chaos, frustration and  disappointment, because life is short! And, it can be done! It is absolutely necessary to learn how to parent with love and logic so you can actually enjoy being a parent again, feel empowered, confident and connect with your teenagers, even when they are difficult!

I believe that it is never too early or too late to learn how to build self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love to live authentically. That is my goal for everyone!

Let’s DO THIS!
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Lisa Woodford

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What My Clients would like to share ...

Lisa has saved my life. She is so knowledgeable and sweet. We appreciate her check in’s and being available to answer our questions when we need her! We highly recommend her to anyone with kids, anxiety or relationship challenges. She has raised wonderful children so we look to her for parenting advice for kids in all stages of life!
Ashley & Brad H.
Ashley & Brad H.
Lisa has assisted both myself and my three teens in our ability to understand and communicate with one another to strengthen our family bond. She worked with us individually to develop confidence, gain self-worth and helped each individual find more happiness in our lives. Her program was beyond our expectations, no matter your age!
Amy F. & Family
Amy F. & Family
Prior to meeting with Lisa, I dealt with unmanageable anxiety for around 10 years. I tried a variety of therapists that never seemed to fully understand what I was going through. When we first met Lisa talked me through an uncontrollable panic attack. She was able to immediately coach me through that attack, one of the scariest experiences of my life. She talked to me about the science behind anxiety and panic and shifted my thinking from fear to understanding my body’s response to my own thoughts. She helped me gain control, which I never thought would be possible. Thanks to Lisa’s program my life is back on track and I am in a great mental space!
Karlie R.
Karlie R.
(23 year old college student)
I connected with Lisa over the phone and I felt better after just one session. I am always excited to talk to her. She helped me get back on track with my schoolwork and new relationship. She gave me new ways of looking at the things I’ve done in my past and understanding why I made the decisions I made. More importantly she gave me tools and techniques to use to help me make better, healthier decisions in the future.
Danielle D.
Danielle D.
(24 year old college student)
Lisa has an uncanny way of connecting and communicating. She has the ability to bring people full circle in terms of understanding themselves and their relationships with others. She is positive and honest, professional and personal, and so knowledgeable in her field. I highly recommend her for all ages of people who will benefit from what I consider to be MORE than life coaching!
Shona E.
Shona E.
(Mother of 4 teen girls)
Lisa is someone you can be open, honest and authentic with and not feel any judgement. My life has calmed, emotionally and mentally. I am able to handle stress and find clarity in all life situations due to applying the knowledge from Lisa. I am not sure what my life would be like without Lisa, her strategies have 100% changed it for the better. I recommend her program to each and every person who is looking for someone to speak to!
Chelsea S.
Chelsea S.
(26 year old Marketing Executive)

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Discovering You

How well do you know your TRUE self? Do you know who you are at the core so that when you need to react to a difficult situation, change a habit or make a decision you can do it with confidence and authenticity? As humans we all have a need to fit in, belong and feel accepted, but those are often the very things that prevent us from feeling confident to step up and live authentically. I want to help you understand yourself and how you interact in the world so you can stop reacting and thrive!

Grow Awareness

Do you have control over your thoughts and reactions or do you coast through your days reacting to life and wishing you had said or done something different? Most people feel they should have done something different and spiral in regret. I want to help you to stop ‘shoulding’ yourself and feel confident in your actions. It’s time to gain control of your thoughts, feelings and energy to live intentionally with peace, fulfillment and joy!

Focusing Skills

Gaining the tools and skills to know HOW to take authentic actions is a strategy that is transformational and forever life changing. It allows you the power to keep your emotions in check, your head clear and your heart focused on the things that truly matter. When you are able to act with integrity and clarity you are on your way to a sense of control and peace that is blissful.

Connect with Others

Your words matter. Your approach matters. Your intention matters. Your tone matters. Your timing matters. When you understand HOW to communicate with others in a healthy, planful, non-threatening way they will open up, respond and participate with appreciation. This is how we as humans can collaborate and work with each other to feel connected and content.