Blindfolds and Heartache

Blindfolds and Heartache

Have you ever felt like your heart was attached to a string that someone else was pulling along and you had no control? That sucks. That is when you start to wonder if you ever gave them permission to grab on or if it just happened one day out of the blue without your knowledge. Either way, they have it, and they are tugging you around like a puppet on that string telling you where to go, how to feel, that you are not keeping up and you need to do better, be different, try harder….Wait a minute! Who is that person and WHY do THEY get to decide??! I bet it is because you have lost your voice and don’t even know what to believe anymore…after all, you don’t even know who that heart belongs to for certain, because you feel numb and too invisible to determine the answer.

Heartache comes when our hearts desire is searching endlessly and unsuccessfully for what we hope is out there, yet outside of us somehow. Not available, not meant for us or, worst of all, non-existent. We spend hours, sleepless nights and countless conversations trying to find our soul mate, best friend or at least someone who actually sees us for who we really are and wants to adore us! But we are blinded by our self-doubt and question our worth in every thought. How did we get here? Why does this have to be so hard? Who is constantly tugging on my string or why has no one even picked it up yet???  THERE is your saving grace, THAT is the word we need to discover, ‘YET’ is the hope you need to grab onto, the scissors that can cut that string and let YOU have control. Because the TRUTH is that you have been blindfolded by doubt and left searching in the dark with your desperate hands grasping for anyone that will make you feel whole and worthy…guess what…they are much easier to find than you think. In fact, you can stop walking, put your hands down and even leave the blindfold on, because you can already see who that person is…your answer is in the mirror every day.

I know you were not ‘looking’ for yourself, but reality is that if you are desperately searching for someone else to discover you and magically appear making you happy you are going to be disappointed…again. I also know you don’t like me saying any of this because that makes your single reality even more real and lonely. PLEASE DON’T GO THERE! That is not at all what I am saying and I promise you can feel relief SOON. Your happiness is just around the corner and you can find it much easier than you think. Let me explain.

Have you ever been in an argument with someone over something you just weren’t going to agree on? You know, that thing that you know you are right and they are wrong so there is NO WAY you are going to admit defeat or let them have their way? Oh, that is SO FRUSTRATING!!! If they only understood your point of view they would be so much smarter, happier, less annoying, etc. That is exactly what I am talking about…the lack of control you feel and the anger that rises up inside your chest as you want to blast fire out our ears or mouth. Stop and look at yourself right there…look at the energy you are expelling on something that is not going to change anytime soon, if at all. Look at the time it is taking up and the stress it is causing in your veins! Imagine something for 10 seconds: What if you were NOT the main character in this movie and you could walk away?

Ahhhh…there it is. The first glimpse of relief and peace…Can you feel it?

What if this were not a thing in your life? What if it were solved? Have you ever wished you could see just 5 years into your future to know how this turns out or that it at least gets solved? Me too…all the time. But since we can’t time travel we have to do what we can NOW to find peace and fulfillment in our lives. To take off the blindfold to what is holding us back, start to heal that broken heart and most importantly…TAKE CONTROL of that damn string!!! Let’s do just that.

You deserve happiness and peace. Where you will find it is in your mind first, then it will show up everywhere, even when you aren’t even looking for it! I know this seems impossible right now, but it is not. Trust me, there is another way to exist at your disposal, you just need the right guidance. I am here to give your string a place to anchor itself and become a rope you can pull yourself up to that mountain top…the one where you can see clearly and stand firmly. Clarity and hope, they are real. 

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