Get Snappin’!

Get Snappin

Do you have regrets?  Of course! We are human and can’t do everything perfectly, because really: What is perfect? Every person would give you a different answer, so let’s just start with a different question.  What do you want? What is preventing you from having the life you want? This is where you can start to focus your attention, because your focus becomes your reality. 

What do you want to change most? (Seriously STOP and think of YOUR answer!) Is it a behavior or a feeling?  Whatever it is I can tell you that the reason you want to change it is to avoid pain and/or find pleasure, it is that simple! Making it happen, though is where the focus comes into play.  I have blogged about A.N.T.s (automatic negative thoughts) before, so just stomp those out of your brain right now so we can continue… 

So, think of your answer: What I want to change most is _______________________________.  When does this thought or behavior occur? Think about it and really analyze the issue.  The key to making the change is to interrupt the pattern and put a halt to it.  Then choose a replacement for it that is more in line with what you really want!  You may need to wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap yourself whenever you find yourself thinking/doing what you don’t want, but find a way! 

Now, set your goals, get snapp’n and if you need help give me a call so we can get started on making the changes you want!

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