Mom Life FLIP: Empty Nest In The Blink Of An Eye

image Mom Life FLIP - Empty Nest In The Blink Of An Eye

My life as a mother was COMPLETELY different two weeks ago: All 3 adult children (19, 23, 26) were here quarantining; hanging out, coming and going, happy as clams! Then, in the blink of an eye, life shifted to a ‘new normal.’ Somehow, the stars seemed to align and the universe decided it was time for my young adults to fly…wait…was I ready to be an empty nester?! 

Life FLIP #1

My adult daughter, who is a planner and very motivated, felt very stuck during quarantine. She felt like her life was supposed to be further along than it was, but she didn’t know how to get there or even where that was! One Saturday she decided to explore a different city so, the next day, we drove 11 hours away to a bigger city. With her two dogs in tow we visited for a weekend, looked at apartments and fell in love with it. On the drive home she applied for 25 jobs there. The very next day she interviewed with two companies and got offers from BOTH. She accepted one, called and reserved an apartment and moved out all within two weeks!    

Life FLIP #2:

My oldest son was here temporarily during quarantine due to job changes and recently accepted a new position as well. Even though the job was remote he was ready for his own space again and moved out the SAME day as my daughter.  

Life FLIP #3:

My youngest teen is a sophomore in college and found a study abroad program that will require him to complete internships overseas for the next three summers, and he signed up! That means he will not be actually living here again…WHAT?! 

During each stage of motherhood I looked at my children and wished I could freeze time (or at least slow it the heck down)! I took lots of mental and actual pictures, appreciated each milestone, and encouraged them to become their own individual selves, but somehow still feel like I blinked and it is over! THIS  is the stage of parenting that I have been dreading for YEARS and, although it has snuck up and happened so quickly, I am THANKFUL beyond words that I KNOW WHO I AM outside of being a mother! I know what my needs are and how to meet them or get them met. I can confidently say ‘No’ without guilt, and I know what I want to do with my ‘second half’ in a way that I still feel useful and productive. I am an emotional person, and although being alone can be difficult, I also know how to process my emotions in a healthy way so on those days that hit me hard and I am feeling blue or lonely I know I will be okay! There are very few superpowers that I can think of that can compare to having self-assurance and self-confidence. I know that my life moving forward as an empty nester has meaning. Therefore, this Life FLIP story is not ending in a FLOP!

If you are ready to learn the strategies that gave me this peace of mind, they are available to you! As a coach my passion is empowering YOU, as an empty nester, and your young adults as self-confident, independent, thriving members of society. I’d love to have you join me in my Illuminating You course and experience these empowering skills for yourself!

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Blessings and best wishes!!!

Coach Lisa

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