Life Coach Lisa Woodford from Omaha helps individuals, parents and families achieve goals.

As a child and teenager, 
I struggled as a student and often thought, 
'Why even try?!'   
Believe me, the day I discovered that I
simply learned differently and  could succeed 
changed my life! So much that  
I decided to become a teacher.
Following my heart and my love for children, 
years later I became a parent and entered a
whole new universe!
I had always known I wanted to be a mom,
however, I found myself, again struggling.
I often felt frustrated and overwhelmed
and was not finding the JOY in Parenthood.
I knew there was a better way to deal with the bickering, exhaustion and
balancing act that had become my life.
That is when I discovered how to
shift my brain and understand how to
connect with others.

I still teach (and Parent) today, as a Coach.       
I LOVE to help others draw out what
they already have and give support to 
MAXIMIZE that to
Reach Their Greatest Potential~ 
to be TRULY  Happy!
You deserve to live your Best Life, starting now!

"Grace is a power that comes in
and transforms a moment into something better and
takes you with it." 
                                     ~Carolyn Myss~

Lisa takes practical steps and applies effective solutions to make positive changes for your future.