Life Coach Lisa Woodford from Omaha helps individuals, parents and families to be happy.

I am a RESULTS Coach  
I tell it like it is and never judge you or your child. 
I understand what it is like to BE a struggling student, to PARENT a struggling student, how to TEACH struggling students and how to OVERCOME the worry around struggling students! 

You ALL deserve to feel better,
feel worthy and feel confident and
that can happen TODAY!
Learn how to help your child and help yourself!

Following my heart, and my gift for connecting
with others, I decided to quit teaching students
in the classroom and started coaching families
 to truly communicate, find confidence, reduce the overwhelm and worry~That is no way to live! 
My mission is to help my clients
show up well and 
explore the positive options
(during challenging times)
 to get better RESULTS and 
Enjoy parenting again!

You can DO this...Let's Go!

"Grace is a power that comes in
and transforms a moment into something better and
takes you with it." 
                                     ~Carolyn Myss~

Lisa takes practical steps and applies effective solutions to make positive changes for your future.