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Stopping the Tailspin



This 28 minute Webinar Provides 7 Simple Steps to Help You:

  • Shift from Chaos to Calm
  • See Your Teen in a Different Light
  • Your Emotions in a Healthy Way
  • Relieve the Pressure On Your Teen
  • Learn to Support Them On Their Journey

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ONE TIME OFFER: Personal Coaching Session with Coach Lisa Woodford:

Get professional strategies and clarity about your unique situation from Certified Life Coach Lisa Woodford. One full hour dedicated to YOU! Guaranteed insight and deeper understanding to build on immediately! Schedule Now >>

Cracking the Connection Code with your teen

Transform Your Relationship with Your Teen

8 Week Video Course

Call with questions:
(402) 208-7402

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This Course Provides Actionable Skills and Simple Strategies to:

  • Manage the Worry and Guilt
  • Understand Your Family Dynamics
  • Learn to Set Manageable Expectations and Boundaries
  • Parent to Each Child’s Developmental Needs
  • Stop The Power Struggles
  • Communicate Openly and Effectively
  • Close the Gap Between You and Your Teen
  • Create Trust and Elevate Your Connection
  • Feel Free, Confident and Optimistic About Their Future

8 Week Course via Zoom (anonymous optional). Facilitated by Professional Coach Lisa Woodford. Includes Access to  a Supportive FaceBook Community and  Bi-Weekly Q & A with Coach Lisa. 

Lifetime access and Replays available.

Cracking The Confidence Code

Discover Your Personal Strength and Cultivate Mental Confidence

8 Week Virtual Course

Call with questions:
(402) 208-7402

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Dive Into What Makes You Uniquely YOU Without the Expectations of Others/Society and End Self-sabotage! 

This Course Will Focus On:

  • Helping You Control Your Thoughts
  • Relieving the Pressure of Expectations and Eliminating Regret
  • Managing Your Stress and Anxiety 
  • Turning Your Focus to What Truly Matters
  • Understanding Your Confidence and How to Pivot to Power
  • Stopping the ‘Comparisonitis Cycle’ that Crushes Your Spirit
  • Skills of Emotional Self-protection
  • Learning HOW to Process Emotions in a Healthy Way
  • Showing Up Strong and Having Your Own Back
  • And Much More!

8 Week Course via Zoom (anonymous optional).

Facilitated by Professional Coach Lisa Woodford.

Includes Weekly Q & A with Coach Lisa.

Lifetime Access and Replays Available.

Limited Packages Available

VIP Personalized Family Coaching

(In Person or Virtual Options Available)

12 Bi-Weekly Personalized Sessions

This Personalized Experience is Designed Specifically to:

  • Explore Your Unique Family Dynamics & Gain Clarity
  • Uncover and Remedy Your Individual Blind Spots
  • Navigate Your Specific Challenges and Apply Strategies
  • Develop a ‘Manual’ to Meet the Needs of Each Individual
  • Create your Roadmap for Success
  • Effective Communication Skills to Empower Each Individual to Live Authentically
  • Feel Understood and Supported
  • Much, Much MORE!

12 Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions via Zoom, Materials and Text Support


I connected with Lisa over the phone and I felt better after just one session. I am always excited to talk to her. She helped me get back on track with my schoolwork and new relationship. She gave me new ways of looking at the things I’ve done in my past and understanding why I made the decisions I made. More importantly she gave me tools and techniques to use to help me make better, healthier decisions in the future.
Danielle D.
Danielle D.
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