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“I suck, I should be better at this by now! Why am I such a loser?!” Does this sound familiar? The #1 complaint I get from clients is lack of confidence due to self-worth, exclusion, loneliness or feeling stuck/behind in life. These are all valid feelings, but there’s one big problem…the source. All of these beliefs come from repeated thoughts about ourselves and over time they add up to what I call ‘Wrong-Thinking’ the automatic negative thoughts  (A.N.T.S) that we say to ourselves hundreds of times a day. This way of thinking will undermine and sabotage any possibility of learning, growth or positivity in your life.

Stop the self-sabotage!

Do these scenarios sound familiar?  You have high expectations for yourself, yet always tend to fall short or find fault with what you did or said to screw it up.  Others are often disappointed with you because they don’t understand you feel the need to explain yourself.  Frustrating situations seem to find you because someone wants you to do something that is exhausting, but you go along with it anyway. You avoid certain places or people because you don’t know how to show up and feel like ‘the real you’.  These are all examples of low self-esteem or confidence that can be changed, and changed SOON!

The major culprit in all of these scenarios is your brain.

The brain’s process of  doing it’s job, keeping you safe and keeping you alive, can be counterproductive. The problem is that your brain’s language by default is not nice and will constantly tell you what you are doing wrong, or it will make you revisit and overthink EVERYTHING. This is actually a very normal response and very common, however it does not have to continue this way! If you are tired of being thrown to the wolves and dejected everyday it is time to call The Exterminator and gain more confidence!

It’s time for a more peaceful existence!

More happiness starts by policing your thoughts and exterminating the A.N.T.S. that are taking over your personal growth. Warning: BEWARE of going about this by simply repeating positive affirmations, listening to toxic positivity or forcing yourself to ‘be happy’ when you are not.  It’s time to move the needle in the right direction instead of creating more frustration and feeling stuck!

Guess what…Good news!

There is no need to revisit your hurtful past or change who you are to feel better soon!  Learning to calm your own brain is a superpower. When your brain has the information it needs to stop ‘Wrong-thinking’ it will start to provide you with more understanding and better decision making. You will see the logic, reasoning and clarity that will help you gain more confidence ten-fold! As a life coach I have seen this process unfold and come to fruition more times than I can count. Are you ready for more peace and freedom from sabotage? I guarantee you can do it! I’m here and ready to show you how, so what are you waiting for? Let’s DO THIS!

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