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back to school blues

Back to School Blues

I absolutely HATE it when kids go back to school. First, because I love summer (doesn’t everyone?), also because it marks the passing of time which is already flying by. This

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joy in families

Joy in Families

A nine day vacation with 10 teenagers sounds like an excrutiating experince, but when they end up spreading joy it was a lesson for all. This past New Years was spent on a

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I connected with Lisa over the phone and I felt better after just one session. I am always excited to talk to her. She helped me get back on track with my schoolwork and new relationship. She gave me new ways of looking at the things I’ve done in my past and understanding why I made the decisions I made. More importantly she gave me tools and techniques to use to help me make better, healthier decisions in the future.
Danielle D.
Danielle D.
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