Brain Control…We Are All Capable!

Brain Control...We Are All Capable

We are all built the same…our anatomy is consistent with being human. However, how each of us uses and relies on our brain is vastly different.  Our experiences, attitudes, emotions, surroundings, stress levels, relationships, etc. all affect the levels of chemicals in our brains moment-to-moment. Some of those variables can be controlled and some cannot. However, our neurochemistry is largely regulated by our thoughts and THAT is something we CAN control!

Have you ever been cut off in traffic and had a near miss? Your fight or flight response kicks in, your heart races and your brain chemistry is changed in that moment- you have just been hijacked! The flood of cortisol in your body that occurred, to naturally make you aware and protect you, is now there for 24-36 hours (the shelf life of your ‘brain bath’). It will remain there unless you consciously DO something about it, which many of us know how to do (tools).  Others do the best they can in the moment by subconsciously taking a deep breath and thanking their guardian angels as they move on to their day (which leaves the cortisol wreaking havoc on their body). The rest are just diving right in, flipping the offender the bird and ranting to everyone they encounter for the rest of the day.  No matter your response it is something you CAN control if you know HOW.

Awareness, tools, and practice are the simple, sustainable solutions to controlling cortisol wreaking stress. These three antidotes are easily taught, applied and can be carried out successfully by people all ages and every walk of life! We are human after all, built the same and wired to learn! Our brain has six parts (which are not something you technically need to understand) and awareness helps those parts ‘talk’ to each other.  With the right tools they can calm, reassure, uplift, change attitudes and create open, trusting, confident momentum! That is what I love about my job…creating confident momentum in the minds of my clients. Literally having them walk away from our sessions changed people. Well, at least their chemistry…and attitude, and confidence, and motivation, and emotions….I love my job!

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