Clean Out Your Ears!

Clean Out Your Ears

Clean Out Your Ears and Get Rid of the A.N.T.s!

Do you always listen? Not to your parents, your boss or your significant other, but to yourself???  Everyday we are chatting away, making comments, giving reminders, encouraging or discouraging ourselves.  Many of us aren’t aware that we are doing it at all, some listen and follow the agenda of the day as a robot and very few pay attention to what is actually being said.  What I would like to propose to you is that you manage what you are saying and for good reason…your dialogue determines your destiny.  Learning to listen is one of the most important habits you will ever develop.

The constant put downs, condemnation ‘you should have done that differently’, ‘you could have…’, ‘you always…’- UGGGH!  We tend to listen to and agree with what is said to us, about us, or even by us, especially when we are tired, stressed, annoyed, tempted, etc. The thoughts are inevitable, it is what we do with them that will make us strong.  What will you do?

What I would love is for you to do is tell yourself to SHUT UP, or at least ‘Stomp out’ those negative comments. Think of them as A.N.T.s (Automatic Negative Thoughts) and put your foot down! Just stop and stomp!

  • The average person has 60,000 thoughts a day, 48,000 of them are negative~ That is 80% people!
  • Your thoughts are to your soul what food is to your body…every time you eat a lie you die a little inside.
  • “It would be a shame for me to live my whole¬†life and never meet me.”

“I’m losing myself, I’m stuck in the moment, I look in the mirror, my only opponent”

Jay Z

“Beware of no man more than yourself, we carry our own worst enemies within us”

Charles Bergen
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